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Safeguard and protect
your online spaces.

Make in-game player communities, chatrooms and online social platforms safer and more inclusive environments.

Protection that promotes
player engagement.

Create a loyal player community by making sure every player feels welcomed and included from the start. Ally maximises retention and ensures you deliver against your duty of care by safeguarding players against unwanted antisocial or abusive behaviours. And because our solution is centred on the player, asking them what’s safe, players feel fully engaged and free to explore.

Ally sits on your servers and monitors your online or in-game environment all of the time, in real time. So you can take action against abuse when and where it happens — nipping it in the bud, rather than trying to follow up when the moment has passed.

We work with your safeguarding team to configure Ally to suit your community needs, using an easy to use drag and drop rules engine. You can shape your community the way you want it.

When the system spots an abuse incident triggered by these rules, AllyBot (our AI natural language chat bot) pops up and chats with the player to check if they’re ok. The artificial intelligence remembers each players’ “safe zone” and uses these player specific rules as the basis for future interventions.

Ally investigates abuse incidents further through a multi-stage triage process of analysis. We look at the deeper context of the whole conversation and of the history of interactions between the players.

Ally highlights repeat perpetrators who display similar abusive behaviours on multiple occasions automatically compile a dossier of evidence for your safeguarding team to act upon.