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Senior Research Engineer NLP

London, UK

We’re looking for a Senior Research Engineer NLP to join the Ally team. In this role, you will straddle the engineering and R&D teams. You will be testing and developing machine learning solutions to text processing challenges, and you will be part of the implementation of these solutions across our products.

Senior Data Engineer

London, UK

As Senior Data Engineer you will be the master chief of data for Ally. On the one hand, you’ll be working with the Ally engineers to ensure the data is received and processed to spec, and on the other hand working with the R&D team to improve processing performance across our databases.


Senior Dev Ops Engineer

London, UK

As Senior Dev Ops Engineer you will be in charge of managing the Ally systems and ensuring continuous deployment. Additionally, you’ll be on the front lines ensuring our clients can seamlessly integrate Ally into their systems, and that our services always stay online and available to them. During your work, you’ll be involved with both the software engineering and R&D teams behind Ally.

We are actively growing our engineering base. If you want to apply speculatively then please email us your CV and a brief note about your interests in this area.