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Our talent

The team behind Spirit AI

Steve Andre CEO

The driving force behind Spirit AI, Steve sets business strategy, oversees execution and loves to work closely with our clients. He has 25 years’ experience in the technology industry – across the US, Europe and Asia with IBM and Accenture.

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Jon Green COO / CFO

A commercial leader, Jon ensures our finances and operations remain on track. He has 30 years’ experience in consulting, technology and finance. His previous roles include Vice President CSC UK, Fujitsu Services UK Sales Director, IBM Europe BPO Executive, PwC Consulting Partner, and Price Waterhouse ICAEW.

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Dr Mitu Khandaker CCO

Mitu is a critically-acclaimed game developer who brings her creative and technical expertise to the Spirit AI team. Her PhD looked at how VR changes our relationship with game characters. She is an Assistant Arts Professor of Game Design at NYU and a BAFTA Breakthrough Brit.

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Emily Short Character Engine Product Manager

A well-known, leading voice in the Interactive Fiction community, Emily has released over two-dozen solo games, as well as contributing to indie games such as Sunless Sea. She has done R&D for Telltale Games.

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Aaron Reed AI Specialist

Aaron is an interactive narrative researcher, writer and award-winning game designer, who helps bring our AI to life. His work has been featured at IndieCade, GDC, SXSW Slamdance, PAX, & GaymerX. His PhD research at UC Santa Cruz studied new ways of making stories meaningfully interactive.

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James Ryan AI Specialist

A researcher in expressive dialogue systems, social simulation, and emergent narrative, James helps bring our AI to life. He is finishing his PhD at the Expressive Intelligence Studio at UC Santa Cruz. His creative output includes Bad News, an AI-driven immersive-theatre experience and IndieCade selection.

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Alan Hinchcliffe Senior Engineer

Alan is a game developer with over 16 years’ experience in multi-platform software development. He brings extensive experience creating solutions in many areas including AI, networking, computer vision, rendering, and user interfaces.

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Kevin Denyer Lead Architect

A Chartered Engineer with over 30 years’ experience in software development and enterprise architecture, Kevin is a trusted advisor to multiple global organisations and brings expertise in systems design, architectural thinking, data science, and AI.

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Harry Riley Business Manager

Harry joined Spirit AI after a career in management consultancy, focusing on technology-driven project management for large multinationals. He is also skilled and experienced in operations and back-office deployment for startups within multiple industries.

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Iliana Pavlova Software Developer

A game developer with broad experience ranging from AAA titles to small indie projects. Formerly a game systems programmer at Codemasters working on multiple racing titles including Dirt Rally and Grid Autosport. Iliana contributes with industry knowledge about game engines and modern development practices.

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Nicola Vitale Data Scientist

Specialised in Data Science, Nicola has a strong engineering background, acquired during his studies. He has experience with Machine Learning and Data Mining techniques and his skills are supported by a strong mathematical and statistical knowledge. He is particularly interested in Natural Language Processing and Complex Networks in the social data domain.

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Mattie Brice Ally Consultant

A designer, educator, and community organiser, Mattie brings an interdisciplinary perspective to contemporary issues around games and technology. Her academic work centres around design processes and community engagement. She currently teaches at NYU and The New School.

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Dr Julian Togelius Advisor

A leader in research on artificial intelligence in games, Julian has invented influential methods for procedural content generation, player modeling and learning game agents. He is currently an Associate Professor at NYU, where he co-directs the Game Innovation Lab.

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Shai Vyakarnam Advisor

Shai is Director of Bettany Centre for Entrepreneurship at Cranfield School of Management, and mentors and advises dozens of early-stage technology companies each year. He is addicted to science and technology-based entrepreneurship.

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Who we are

Spirit AI is a committed team of technology leaders from New York, London and San Francisco.

We bring together some of the foremost thinkers in artificial intelligence within academia and the game industry. Our passion for digital spirit unites us as we strive to breathe life into human-computer interactions.


Understanding and memory





Digital spirit

Endowed with persistent personalities and non-persistent emotions, digital beings interact based on knowledge models, social models and dialogue engines.

With our tools, you can create compellingly-human characters in games and stories. We also protect online communities through sophisticated triage and analysis of player or user interactions in real time.

Our innovative middleware enables digital beings to interact with people in a natural and human-like way.

We harness the latest research and sophisticated natural language classification to bring digital spirit to chatbots and digital characters. Endowed with persistent personalities and non-persistent emotions, digital beings interact based on knowledge models, social models and dialogue engines.

Our purpose is to empower technology users and developers by:

  • Enabling beautifully-engineered digital interactions that feel natural and compelling.
  • Unleashing the potential of AI so that developers can create the stories and experiences they’ve always wanted to create.
  • Allowing players and users to define their own safe space online.

Our Engineering purpose

We want to enable natural digital interactions by creating products that are beautifully simple for developers to use.

Our Creative purpose

The world has always been enthralled by powerful stories and the characters that inhabit them. We want to unleash the potential of AI and support creativity. So that developers can design extraordinary experiences, create complex characters and tell compelling stories – across video games, healthcare, banking and other applications.

Our Ethical purpose

We believe we have a responsibility to the people of tomorrow. We want to partner with other AI thinkers across the world’s great universities to set programming standards – and ensure the future of AI is ethical and inclusive.

Our Social purpose

We understand that our technology offers incredible opportunities to do good. We want to empower all businesses to benefit from our technology by publishing it on Open Source – as far as our patents allow. And we’ll invest 5% of our profits in supporting not-for-profits.

Our Supportive purpose

We believe that game studios and platform providers have a duty of care to their communities of players and users. We set out to provide support to those communities so that players and users can feel free to explore online without the fear of abuse.